Kitkats from Japan

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Kitkat flavours: Green tea, Satura green tea and Strawberry.
Ahhh I love sending/receiving parcels so much! A few months ago Anamei and I decided to do a little candy exchange. Fresh from a visit to Japan she kindly offered to send me some of these cool Kitkats! Being a sweet-tooth I obviously couldn’t resist, so in return I sent her some British sweets/chocolate. Seriously though, how cool do these look?! The colour is so nice compared to the standard milk chocolate ones we have here, and the packaging is cute too! What’s even more exciting is that Anamei is coming to England next year and me, my sister and her are finally going to meet up. Yay!!

This summer I would really love to send more candy overseas. In the past I’ve exchanged packages with American and Canadian friends, so that would be nice to do again. If anyone’s interested in this drop me a message on twitter and I’ll try and organise something.



I love kitkats! Those look delicious, the green one especially… yummy. I made a twitter account, 'Tattyboots' but have yet to use it, thinking of using it soon after I redo the blogs design! I wish I had a swanky phone to update with images throughout the day though 😛 haha


Those kitkats look awesome! I always see the coolest candy coming out of Japan. Were they green tea/strawberry flavoured?


I love Kit Kats too hehe! Oooh in that case I will definitely be following once you start tweeting! & I know me too, I've wanted Instagram for the longest time! xxx


I know! I wish there was more Asian candy in this country ;~; And they were yes, but not blended together 🙂 xxx


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