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Cara Delevingne Illustration

Brown card

I’ve always wanted to do some sort of Cara Delevingne illustration because her look is very unique. When it comes to coloured pencils I still feel as if I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m really happy with how this one’s turned out. The trouble with drawings like this is that it’s difficult to judge when it’s finished. As I was adding to it I conjured up a list of helpful pointers for those of you wanting to try this medium. I by no means am claiming to be the expert, I just think sometimes it can be quite hard finding techniques/help so I thought I’d let you in on some things I’ve learnt along the way. 🙂

1. Sketch everything in pencil first, then erase it so it’s just faint enough to see. Use a kneaded eraser to remove the sketch. Kneaded erasers work by sticking to the pencil lines rather than wearing down the layers of the paper (like a regular eraser).

2. Use black and white sparingly. Also, try to save them for highlights, the Sclera (white part of the eye) and shadowed areas.

3. Alternatively, you can use really pale yellows, browns and greys for light areas instead of white.

4. Work from light to dark to light. By this I mean: basic skin tone and eyes, then shadowy areas (e.g. cheek bones) and finally highlights. The reason I recommend this method is because dark colours are harder than light colours to correct/go over.

5. Try using Brown card to practice on. It’s not matte paper but this can be a plus. Because of it’s slightly rough texture, it adds texture to the skin – which in real life wouldn’t be completely smooth anyway. It’s a good base colour for hair and skin tones. It’s also readily available if you order loads of parcels like me ;).

6. When you’ve finished colouring the Iris and white of the eye, faintly go around the Iris with a light grey colour. This will take off some of the sharpness. Also use the same colour to shade the outer edges of the eye white, particularly shadowy areas under the eyelashes. Doing both these things should make your eyes look more realistic.

7. Keep your pencil colours nice and sharp so you can get lots of fine details in.

8. Most importantly, don’t give up and enjoy the process!

I was thinking of doing a post of my favourite art materials, would that be something that would interest some of you?

Edit: this made my life.


Erin Elise

This is a really beautiful drawing, the tips are great too 🙂

I'd love to see a post on your favourite materials – I haven't drawn much in a while and should really get back into it so recommendations would be handy! x


Wow I think you got her look down so well! Especially the eyes. I don't draw but, it would be fun to see/read about your art materials anyway!


This is gorgeous. The detailing is perfect.
It's really inspiring too and to think, I've just thrown out my sketching set :/


I'm amazed at how well you've mastered color pencils on brown card! I tried to pencil color some of my drawings, and it was a disaster. I kind of lost hope so I am just sticking to black and white drawings using pencils, chalk and co.

Question: do you know where one could order brown card online?


I was having a sort-out and because I hadn't used them in a while they ended up being thrown out 🙁 good job they were only cheap ones though!!


Thank you Kalieta 🙂 In the beginning I started with just two colours like blue and white to begin with, just so I could concentrate on lighting and shade. So that's a really good idea, then when you feel confident enough just try experimenting with more colours for details.

I'm not too sure where to buy brown card, my best guesses are Ebay or Amazon. Or you could even buy a brown paper sketchbook just to practice in? The card I used was the packaging I got from ordering other things.



<3 Aww thank you so much Jaymie!

When I saw your art swap with Paige I thought it was an amazing idea! I would love to do one with you since I'm always drooling over your instagram pics haha. I just need to sort out getting some prints done then I will let you know asap!



Hi Phillipa. This is really so amazing! I have seen lots of Cara drawings and I just think that they only sort of copy her features from a photo but your sort of shows her like she is and shows a bit of character. The eyes are so life like and really jump off the page.You are such a great artist. This is my favourite drawing of Cara ever!


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