Student accommodation ideas

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student accommodation ideas


Here are some student accommodation ideas that will allow you to customise your room in a way that feels cosy but also makes the most of your space!

I study at Sheffield University so luckily I can commute, but my sister is just about to start Uni in Leeds so she’s currently in the process of moving out. So far we’ve bought all the essentials from Ikea but what she was wondering was how she could decorate her student accommodation to make it feel a little more cosy. It can be difficult since you’re not allowed to drill any holes or make any marks etc. So I’ve made an illustrated list of a few ways to make a student dorm feel more homely.

I’ve also summarised my student accommodation ideas below as well – just in case you can’t understand my handwriting! ๐Ÿ™‚

1.) On shelves, use something heavy (like a pile of books) to weigh down two ends of string. You can then clip/peg photos, tickets and postcards on it.

2.) Fairy lights always make a room feel cosier. But remember to turn these off when you are not in the room!

3.) If you have loads of books/magazines, put their spines in rainbow order – it looks so much more pleasing on the eye!

4.) Store your pens in glass jars

5.) Get some nice cushionsย for your bed – Nikki McWilliams has some cute biscuit ones!

6.) Have a storage system that separates your modules.

7.) Get some of your Instagram photos printed and stick these to the wall using washi tape.

8.) Use a cork noticeboard to hang your jewellery on. And for your desk buy a small whiteboard and draw out a grid in permanent marker so you can use this as a calender.


Louise (0023am)

Aw, you're being a great older sister, I love the illustrations! The instagram/washi tape idea tops everything. I might try that out for myself!


I'm a University commuter too! So I don't have a dorm but these ideas are perfect for my own bedroom too ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo


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