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I’m not sure whether I should make this into a print for my Etsy shop, what do you guys think?

Also, I now have a Cargo Collective page: click here :). For more illustration posts click here.



Hi Philippa, Thanks for your message on my blog about my artwork – glad you like my illustrations and I always appreciate feedback from fellow creatives. 🙂 Your work is pretty fabulous too!
Thanks again, Lucy x


I think I will try and make a few more designs so I have a range of prints to sell first. But thanks so much for your ongoing support, as always <3

Katie Rea

These are beautiful, I love the vibrant colours. Go for it with the etsy print too, see how they turn out 🙂

Good that you liked my recent post too. I've been busy at work trying to save enough for next year so the blog has been taking a back seat. I want to get back into outfit blogging too but I never seem to have the time.

Also I was wondering if you would like to be featured next for the 'whats in my blog' post? just email me with a photograph of the items you carry if you would like to get included! xx


Thank you Katie! 🙂

Yeah I loved it, when you did the WIMB pieces for Aesthetic Mag I thought they were awesome!!I feel exactly the same about blogging, I've not got much time to spare either – but I do miss it!

And I would love that! I'll try and get a photo for you asap! 🙂


Katie Rea

Means a lot cheers Philippa!

Hope all is going well, I still need to buy those prismacolor pencils, the set I want is £50ish though and at the moment there's other things that are more needed. It's a shame as whenever I view your drawings it just makes me want those pencils haha. Your cargo collective is coming along well too cannot wait to see it filled with more of your work.

That sounds great, there's no rush so just send it whenever you can. xx


Hey. I recently made myself a blog. It's not so popular, but I hope to be seen.

If you could please go the link below and look over it, and leave an opinion through a comment, I would enjoy more, regardless of this comment.


Thank you. 🙂

Colette Ngo Ndjom

Hi Philippa! This is a great piece and I really think you should try and turn it into a print. You never know, it might be a big hit 😉 Hope you are doing well!


This would be really cute framed on a wall!
Haven't seen you on the blogosphere for a while, how have you been? 🙂


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