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Ramen & Sushi illustration - Cocoskies | Illustration, design & travel blog

Watercolour and white gel pen.

Whenever someone tells me that they’re thinking of starting a blog I always encourage them to do it. Creating my blog has enabled me to meet so many great people and has presented me with many opportunities that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s just so therapeutic as well, I find, in that it’s like keeping a little journal and you can look back on it later. So when a good friend from Uni told me that she was thinking of making one I was over the moon! I thought it would be a nice way to check in on each other’s lives too since we won’t see each other as much anymore. Plus she’s super organised so I just know she will hit the ground running with it all!

The ramen and sushi illustration above is going to be part of the header for it – which I will post when it’s all finished! I bought a white gel pen a few weeks and it’s been so handy in filling in little details on paintings, I would definitely recommend getting one if you use watercolours a lot.

Now, you may have already seen this on the sidebar, but if you could spare a vote for me in the Big Blog Exchange competition I would be extremely grateful! It’s a competition where the winner gets to swap countries with another blogger for 10 days – all expenses paid. You could go anywhere in the world! How exciting.

You can vote for me here!

In the comments let me know if you’ve entered and where you would like to go to if you won.

If you’ve already voted, you are an absolute star, thank you!

Also, there’s a new playlist for you guys in the sidebar!

Hope you enjoyed this ramen and sushi illustration, if you’d like to see more of my illustration work, click here.



Beautiful art. It's making me hungry!

I came across your blog through the 2014 big blog exchange (#bigblogx) contest. I voted for you, and I hope you can return the favor. Maybe we'll end up switching lives 🙂 http://www.bigblogexchange.org/profile/2014/5751399832879104

Reach out to me and follow on Twitter @travelogueblog or check out my own travel blog for travel tips, stories, and adventure ideas: http://www.travelogueblog.net

Thanks again and happy travels.

— Mark NP


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