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All the items above are from Ikea

The other day we ventured up to Leeds to drop my sister off at Uni. It made me feel so nostalgic seeing all the freshers getting accommodated in a new city. While we were there we couldn’t resist having a look around Ikea. I absolutely love that store! I entered with the mindset that I would just be picking up a few notepads, what I left with was less money than I intended. Part of it was due to not knowing when we’d be back, as we, sadly, don’t have an Ikea close to where we live. So I thought it would be good to stock up on things while we were there.

I bought this small glass vase which is perfect for storing my paintbrushes. Next, I bought a few more notepads. The paper quality isn’t the best by no means, but they’re relatively cheap, and I think you want something like that for sketching ideas and quick lists. I have wanted a low-maintenance plant like a cactus for a while so I picked up this 3-pack, they’ve really helped to rejuvenate my desk! Finally, I couldn’t resist throwing in a few scented candles too, it was difficult narrowing down the choices.

Vans (Asos), GoPro Hero+ Silver edition, & leaf print bikini (Asos)

A few things I’ve acquired for the next adventure – minus the cactus. My old blue Vans were getting a little run-down so when I saw that Asos were having a ‘20% off everything’ day I jumped at the opportunity of purchasing a new pair.

Next up the GoPro! I’ve wanted one of these for a while but at the time couldn’t justify buying one. However, my next travel dates are quickly emerging and I know that I definitely want to have a go at making a film this time. I usually bring disposable, waterproof cameras on holiday anyway so I guess this was the next, inevitable, step up!

Finally, a beautiful leaf print bikini, I love the Martinique vibes it has going on.


Kate @Violetdaffodils

Fab items you have here! I like the bottom photo especially 😀 that bikini is really cute, it's similar to a primark one I had when I went to Turkey earlier this year 😀 love palm print 🙂 Also so envious of your Go Pro! This is on my wish list haha!


Love the IKEA haul! I didn't know they sold notebooks, I haven't seen 'em around. Ooh a GoPro, they sound like so much fun to use but I can't justify one while my camera is going well and strong haha. The bikini is nice too, love the print on it!


Yeah! I found them right at the end, they were kind of tucked away amongst everything else! And I know what you mean, but I couldn't resist the compulsion any longer. Help! Haha.


Thanks Kate! Ahhh really! Wish I'd had a look in Primark first now, but I kind of left it a bit late. The GoPro would be awesome to take to Turkey! Eee!! 🙂


It's so easy to go crazy on Ikea buys – I spent a whole weekend in there a couple of months ago! I love the little cacti – that's on my shopping list now!

Saskia /

Sarah DeBoice

I only just discovered your blog and am in love with your illustrations. <3 I recognized them from Seaweed Kisses right away! I'll be following from now on. 🙂 xo


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