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A watercolour header for my friend Anna who blogs at The Laife Journal.

Hello everyone! If you’re a regular visitor you may have noticed a few minor tweaks to the blog. I’ve made the content column a bit wider, I was playing around with it earlier and the photos just looked so much more pristine. So I’m going to leave it that way for a while I think. I will eventually get around to making a new header to accompany it but commissioned work will always take priority until then.

A while ago I also started making a header for my Uni friend Anna (I think I mentioned this a few posts back). But, yesterday I finally finished it along with the blog layout! It’s taken me ages because I’ve been doing lots of other things in between, but I’m happy to make a friend happy by setting them off on their little blogging journey. The piece above was the final instalment of a series of paintings, each of which represents a distinct category of posts.

Anna will be blogging over atย The Laife Journalย – we thought it would be nice to integrate her surname, Lai, into the name! If you have a few minutes please pop over, say Hello and give her follow. She is new to the game, as we all were once, I’m sure she would love to be introduced to you lovely bloggers! Can I just say as well, she already has about 8 travel posts lined up – at this early stage, I’m already amazed at her amazing blog organisation skills! I wish I had those skills haha.

If you’d like to see more watercolour related posts you can do just that by clicking here, for other illustration work click here.


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