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The Law of Attraction and manifesting

One thing I really got into in 2019 was the Law of Attraction. Before, when I heard people say “you can manifest anything you want in life” I thought it was just a figure a speech or a way of channelling a positive mindset. But after reading more about it I learnt that you can truly attract anything you want in life. All it really boils down to is the belief that whatever you want will happen (hold absolutely no doubts), positive emotion and showing gratitude to attract more of that energy. Luckily I have a lot of spiritual friends who were already very much into this, so when they told me their stories it just made it more real!

One thing you can do to start manifesting today is start a journal. Start each page with a date in the future, write about something you are thankful and grateful for that happened that day (this may have not happened yet, but you have to think about it like it’s fact and you’re looking back on it). Write down even the smallest of details and channel the emotion you will feel when you get whatever you’re after. Together, these things will help to make the manifestation stronger. By repeatedly showing gratitidue, you are basically telling the Universe you want to attract more of that energy. Also, LOA cannot distinguish between positive and negative, so if you constantly ruminate about how, for example, you feel so tired of your work, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the flipside, if, despite feeling lethargic about it you wake up and start thinking “Wow, I feel so energetic today, I’m going to be really productive!” even if at first it’s not true, gradually your brain will tilt towards a more positive mindset until it eventually becomes your reality.

Since we are at the beginning of 2020, this is the perfect time to create a vision board. Get a big sheet of paper, divide it into sections like ‘Career’, ‘Finances’, ‘Travel’, ‘Health’, ‘Relationships’ (or whatever is relevant to you), bullet point specific things you want and stick on pictures, i.e. if I wanted to travel to Italy I might stick a picture of Positano on there. I used to see vision boards as a form of scrapbooking – and to be honest this wasn’t something I did much myself. But now I realise that it is a way of creating visual prompts. Everytime you see that vision board, you are putting energy towards your goals. That’s why it’s a good idea to put it somewhere you’ll see it a lot like on the wall or in a journal. It is a constant reminder to the Universe of the type of energy you want to attract. The first thing I consciously manifested was actually a business class upgrade (right), it was a little experiment I wanted to do to prove to myself that this whole LOA was real. I’ve attached a picture because there was something interesting about it that I only noticed a few months after. If you look at the numbers there are a lot of 11s, apparently if you start seeing 11:11 quite a lot this is the start of something new / your manifesting journey.

This post has accidentally side-stepped into a LOA post, but I feel like the start of a new decade is probably the most apt time to post something like this. Let this serve as a reminder that anything you want in life, you can have. Let me know you’re thoughts on LOA and your manifestation stories if you’re already familiar with it! I think it’s very easy for us all to quickly move from one goal to the next, so I have done a summary of my 2019 high points as a way to reflect on the year and show my gratitude. I would encourage you to do the same.



January wasn’t a particularly eventful month but sometimes you just need those chilled, cosy days with friends, eating good food and exploring all the new places your city has to offer. This included a visit to Fiver Rivers Coffee’s second location at Cutlery Works – a new food hall in a previously industrial area of Sheffield, as well as blueberry pancakes at Bill’s – the perfect comfort food.



In February I went on my first solo trip to Dublin to attend a workshop hosted by Annie Atkins, a master in creating graphic props for films. You can read more about what this entailed here. I met some great people there and loved how all the shiny cobbled streets reflected the lights at night. Overall, Dublin had a very chilled feel to it and was a good place to spend a weekend.



In March, my mum, my sister and I decided to take a little trip to Lisbon, Portugal in an effort to visit more places that are close to us. The streets were very hilly but there were beautiful orange trees and tiles everywhere. We also tried Pasteis de Belem from the place where the recipe originated and they were on another level. We enjoyed it so much, I think these mini city trips will become a yearly thing.



I spent the whole of April in Barcelona with fellow Designer-soul-sister Laura Evans. A lot of doughnuts were consumed during this trip. But when we weren’t doing that, we were also working hard on respective design projects, attending OFFF Festival, eating tapas at cute brunch spots, finding type treasure at flea markets and of course, gramming everything.


Above attending a good friend’s wedding

In May one of my oldest and dearest friends got married and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of their big day. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and had an almost pre-raphaelite feel. I also got the chance to try my hand at calligraphy; writing names on leaves with white Posca pens is actually really fun!


Above Dishoom, Manchester & Rhodedendrons at Chatsworth House

June was a bit of a ‘Bon voyage’ month, where I had some final feasts and outings with friends (including this one at Dishoom – which was incredible) before heading to the Philippines for 9 months. My goal was to live there for a bit, become more fluent in Bisaya, spend more time with the family I don’t normally get to see and travel to some neighbouring countries.


Above Trying Murtabak & Singapore views

Singapore was a city I really wanted to return to, so I decided to spend a few days there in July. After doing most of the touristy things the first time around it was great to head to some newer, slightly-off-the-beaten-track places.


Above Flying to Siargao & dim sum in Hong Kong

In the month of August, my cousin and I hopped on a flight Siargao, a little island in the Philippines known for its surf culture. We went island hopping, ate some good bbq and caught some waves at dusk. This trip was so fun and filled with lots of good memories, I really hope we can head back next year. I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Hong Kong and loved it!


Above Oahu, Hawaii views and Pho French Dip at The Pig & the Lady

I was grateful to be able to spend my birthday month back in Oahu, Hawaii, one of my favourite places in the world. The highlight of this trip was seeing a turtle the size of a coffee table swim underneath my surfboard in Waikiki.


Above Sumilon Island

October was a lovely month, my parents flew to Cebu so I got to spend time with them after not seeing them since June. A friend from back home also visited the Philippines for the first time so we spent the day swimming at Sumilon, a little island in the south of Cebu.


Above Ramen Yasichi & Mitarashi Dango in Osaka

I went to Japan to visit some family I have over there, it was nice to catch up over a big bowl of proper ramen. I was able to bring some Filipino goodies that they had been craving and take back some Japanese snacks for the family. It was a short but wholesome visit but I found comfort in knowing I’ll definitely be back soon – ideally it would be for the Olympics, but we’ll see!


Above One of the four pups I’ve been looking after & gyoza prep

Ahhh December. The last month before heading home, it was bitter-sweet in so many ways. It was good because I got to experience Christmas in the Philippines, but it also made me realise how much I miss those cold nights in the UK with friends, eating Christmassy nibbles, drinking mulled wine and going to Christmas markets (the general build up). But after months of being away, it’s made me really excited to go back to the UK and, in a way, even more grateful for all the things I have at home.



Ooh this is all soo pretty and I’m so excited for your LOA journey and all the things yet to come for you this year! It’s going to be a fantastic one 💕


Funny you should mention LOA – it’s actually something I’ve been reading up on a lot lately! While I haven’t consciously manifested anything yet, I have noticed that I’ve been seeing 11:11 a lot lately – almost everyday, just when I happen to be looking at the clock. Maybe it’s a sign I should finally start making that vision board, haha 🙂

Happy new year by the way – hope you have a great one!


Yes, it’s so interesting and there’s already so much information out there! You should definitely start a vision board, there’s no harm in doing one and it just feels good to keep all your goals organised in one place! (:

Happy New Year to you as well!


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