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Casa Planta is a vegan cheese company based in Panama. With the product itself being somewhat of a challenger, our goal was to reposition the brand in a way that brought a sense of familiarity. We wanted to build on this narrative that your experiences don’t need to be radically compromised in order to make a positive impact. After all, in order for lifestyle changes to be sustainable, we need to acknowledge that a mindset shift is a gradual process and we therefore need to be able to cater to people at different points on this trajectory.

Before we started working with Alexandra, the brand was already gaining momentum through word of mouth – which is a testament to the product itself. But in order to take this brand to the next level, the development of a stronger visual identity was needed; one that could enable new products to be launched with ease and one that the consumer could resonate with on a more personal level.

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Our primary aim was to communicate the natural ingredients used in each of the products, but we wanted to do this in a way that didn’t feel unfamiliar. We kept the brand colour palette natural, and centred the identity around the cashew plant – which is one of the vital ingredients used to make the cheeses. Each product label is adorned with a house-illustrated cashew plant and the signature arched logo which acts as a visual housing device, subtly conveying the brand’s namesake and also showing that the products are part of a family, united by the ingredients they share.

Laying the foundations of the new brand has not only enabled Alexandra to keep up with the growing demand of her products, it has also helped to facilitate ambitious growth plans for the future. Since launching the new branding, Casa Planta has gone from strength to strength. Alexandra is currently in the process of opening up her first brick and mortar location. This will enable the products to be produced on a larger scale and provide the consumer with a place to pick up the cheeses from at their own leisure.