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Idyllically set in the gardens of Giverny, a place that inspired much of Monet’s work, Cinéma Botanique opens its doors late every Summer bringing together a gathering of all those interested in watching beautiful films in an equally beautiful setting. The gardens are draped in a myriad of colour, covering the grounds in the most spectacular fashion. The lakes that inspired Monet’s paintings sit calmly and serenely amongst the greenery. Gentle warm summer air gently pushes the lillies along the surface. Visitors are invited to follow a humble map of the grounds to truly appreciate the gardens before settling down for the evening.

Channelling the spirit of Arbor day, this cinema leaves visitors with a lasting token. Each visitor is given a packet of seeds to plant in their own time and make their own small yet significant impact on the world. For the brand identity of my cinema, I created a bold, versatile pattern to encapsulate the diversity of plant species that are looked after in the grounds. I wanted to make the tickets just as fun and memorable as the seeds that will one day blossom. For the logo I paid special attention to arching the text to subtly convey the bridges that feature predominantly in Monet’s work.

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Photo credit Chris Abney

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