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Quick fashion illustration - Cocoskies

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Whenever I’m revising I always see out of the corner of my eye an old ASOS magazine. And it distracts me because it makes me want to leave my revision and sketch some illustrations. So yesterday I decided to treat myself! My last exam is on the 24th and I’m already counting down the days. Is anyone else anticipating the end of their exams?



this is amazing. You're so talented.
My exams just finished, but I know what you mean. Good luck, I hope you do well.



Lovely sketch, you have such a way with drawing! I have so many asos magazines and magazines in general that are piled upon my floor! I love flicking through and being inspired to draw a beautiful face or item of clothing! Hardly have the time for it these days but hopefully will soon. Really would like a new set of watercolour pencils! Hope to see more of your art soon! 🙂

Molly Xxx

You are absolutely brilliant at sketching Philippa! This actually looks professional i love it! I know what you mean though, whenever im revising something always manages to distract me-usually one of my many magazines, i feel your pain haha. +eeeek, poor you having your last exam on the 24th! Mines on the 14th + it seems so far away-good luck with all of them babe Xxx


I am sorry for my lack of comments, blogger has been playing up for me but thank you for your lovely comments! This is amazing, you are so talented, I can't wait till my exams are over either! Counting down the days!


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