Alfajores & Co.

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Alfajores & Co.

Branding & Packaging

Concept development

Marlene Franco Studio

JUNE 2018

Alfajores are a South American confection made by sandwiching two crumbly, shortbread-like biscuits together with smooth dulce de leche (caramel) and finishing them off by rolling in desiccated coconut. The recipes vary slightly depending on which region you are in but in Alfajores & Co.’s case, the recipe has its roots in Peru. Over the years it has been (and still continues to be) enjoyed by generations since it has been a popular favourite passed down through the family. Gabriela wanted others to try this particular recipe that had become synonymous with her own childhood so decided to set up her own little company specialising in these delectable treats.

After having spent a brief period of time living in both London and Paris, Gabriela felt inspired by the surroundings she had become well aquainted with during those years. She wanted to weave an element of European culture into the branding, creating an almost Peruvian-Parisian hybrid. Paris, in particular, is known for its patisseries and distinctive romantic charm, when you buy desserts there, the environment in which you purchase, the way everything is presented and the unboxing is an experience in itself. And so we wanted to acknowledge this melange of elements coming together to deliver an unforgettable experience.