Waikiki Shore Beach Service

CATEGORY Branding Illustration Packaging web design

Oahu, Hawaii


February 2022

Instagram @wsbshawaii
Website wsbservice.com

Waikiki Shore Beach Service offer quality ocean rentals on one of Hawaii’s most well-known beaches. Many believe that surf culture itself became popularised here by Duke Kahanamoku which has attracted a steady flow of visitors over the years. With its calm, gentle waters, the conditions are perfect for those looking to catch their first wave.

Through the provision of surfboards and other beach equipment, WSBS have been helping people make the most of their time on the island since 2005. They are highly knowledgeable of the local area and continuously receive 5 stars reviews, so we wanted to develop an identity that showcased all of the amazing experiences they have to offer.

With such a wide demographic to cater to, the new brand identity needed to feel friendly and accessible to all types of visitors. One cross-section of history that drew on that particularly well was the golden age of commercial air travel which presented Hawaii as a new, exciting destination. Ads that were paradigmatic of the time were often brimming with smiles, new experiences and eye-catching colour schemes.

Even ads from smaller, local companies, though they were less strategic and more ‘straight-to-the-point’, they were put together with good intentions and still managed to embody that same tropical charm. Alongside the visuals, we honed in on the way things were typically worded and what was considered a key selling point back then. (To capture the zeitgeist of a particular time, you often have to go beyond the visuals.) For this identity we made sure that all communication was clear and easy to understand but also dropped in a few Hawaiian phrases here and there. We used a vibrant colour palette throughout which was largely inspired by native plants and local geographical features to keep the brand fun, distinctive and to honour its island roots.

The other visual elements of the brand are highly adaptable, with a four-worded brand name we were able to create modular layouts and use these as a way to frame other items – namely illustrations. Depending on the context, these can either be used in their entirety or broken up into smaller components.

If you ever find yourself in Waikiki, you can visit WSBS on the beach front from 8am6pm daily at 2161 Kalia Road, HI 96815.