Braided hair, don’t care

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braided hair illustration


I played around with a technique I don’t usually use for this one, I sketched everything out first in pencil, shaded it, then added more shading by layering in Photoshop.

You can find more illustration work by clicking here.


Joana Gomes

Can I say 'so so so cute' a thousand times? Because this illustration is.

And I really am finally enjoying being in England. Until now it's been work, magazine, work, magazine. I've hardly visited anything at all!

Love x
When You Dream Big

Louise (0023am)

I'm astonished I never stumbled upon your blog before. Your illustrations are the cutest, oh my! The braided hair has beautiful detail, and I dig those collars. You're really talented!

Colette Ngo Ndjom

This is funny that you recently did a drawing of braided hair… I did the exact hairdo two days ago. Was excited to have my hair this long to be able to do it! Hope you're doing well!

helen at thelovecatsinc

this is so beautiful! i think i might be obsessed with this blog now… most definitely following!

from helen at thelovecatsinc

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Thank you, as always Colette ^_^. Oh really? I bet it looked so good! I would also love to do it too but I feel like my hair needs to get a bit longer too. Hope you're well too! xxx


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